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Because you face changes anyway

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Key Why’s for upgrading your app

Here are actual results for upgrading web and mobile apps

Bracing the UI and UX An update

in this case, leads to more convenience and increased engagement in the use of the app. Frequency in updating your app will keep it relevant and up-to-date. It makes your users know that you care about them.

Promoting and Marketing

With the increase in the number of applications present on a user’s phone and other devices, frequent updates can trigger an app to receive more mindshare compared to other apps. Publishing frequent updates serves as a reminder because it turns up with notifications on the App Store or Google Play store list.

Increasing the Userbase

You can build a trail of loyal users from your app updates. That is if they contain bug fixes and new features that users may have requested. The frequent updates mean that you care about your mobile app maintenance as well as reflect your commitment to meeting user needs.

Reducing Uninstalls

Same way as keeping an app updated affects acquiring new users, it influences uninstall rates. If you don’t provide maintenance for your application, upgrade it and implement new features, or can’t meet user expectations — they will most likely abandon your solution and switch to your competitors.

Communication between Developers and Users

A mobile app update is what a developer and the user base can communicate through. It’s like a medium that allows for the conversation through release notes. Although release notes are often ignored by most users, some nerds and geeks always read them carefully, and it benefits them.

Conducting all App Store and Google Play Regulations and Policies

In recent times, both the App Store and Google Play have been cracking down on inactive, non-updated, and non-compliant apps that have been neglected for an extended period. This is to maintain a healthy and well-regulated app market. New regulations and policies regarding User Data protection tend to be growing.

How the product upgrade request could look like

Short Summary

Our goal is to create a good user experience using our mobile application to retain our current clients and encourage new clients to use it.

Project Goal

Increase number of users by 15% by the end of the third quarter by ensuring high-quality customer experience


  • Roll out the upgrade to all the users
  • Add feedback forums to provide insights on bugs and issues
  • Test the visuals and smoothless of the application, check responsiveness and ease of use

Business case

We want to increase sales of out product by providing high quality customer experience and reduce order cancellations

Benefits img


Increase number of users by 15%, improve customer experience and reduce order cancellation by 5%

Costs img


Price of software licenses, time spent on hiring software developers

Budget img



Tech Scope and Exclusion


Design of the new interface

Design handoff to the developers


Renewal of integrations licenses

project team img

Project Team

Project Lead:

  • Project Manager

Additional Stakeholders:

  • VP of Customer Success
  • Account Manager
  • Investors

Project Team:

  • Full-stack Developer
  • Quality Assurance Tester
  • Mobile Developers
  • Business Analyst
  • Human Resources Specialist
measuring success img

Measuring Success


Increase in users by end of the quarter X


Reduce order cancellations by 5% by end of the year

How we build the workflow of upgrade process

  • Regular app update schedule and prioritize security updates.
  • Use tools like screen recording, bug diagnostics, analytics, and crash reporting to identify issues and areas for improvement.
  • Develop a standard method for notifying users of updates and their benefits, and provide support if needed.
  • Monitor app update statistics and feedback to improve the update process.
  • Conduct thorough testing before releasing updates, including internal QA and beta testing.
  • Take advantage of remote configuration to change app data based on user needs.
  • Deploy new features without immediate activation to test them gradually and minimize impact if issues arise.
  • Use feature flagging to provide different experiences for users with different needs or preferences.
  • Decide how to handle bugs and issues in production, whether through new app versions or remote configuration changes.

Factors to consider for Upgrading your app


User Feedback-Based Updates

User feedback is vital, and it is essential to have various feedback channels to collect user opinions. Comparing user responses and reactions to a new feature with those of competitors can help determine if an update will be likable by mobile app users.


Milestone-Based Updates

Updating the app in line with milestones is a fair timing to refresh the app and keep it in vogue. It gives the chance to make promotions and discount sales for in-app purchases.


Market Trends and Conditions-Based Updates

Catching up with regular updates is the only way to stay relevant in the mobile app industry. Developers need to constantly search for market information, such as app store feedback and market research reports, to keep pace with market trends.


This is our distributed team. Since 2020-2021 covid times, then 2022 war time, we found it as the best flexible yet productive way to cooperate on projects.

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Mobile banking app

Mobile banking app


Modern banking / web app for business and individual clients.

  • very fast flow for registration european ibans
  • customisable business fees
  • swift / sepa transactions
  • modern ux / ui for both mobile and web client
Smart homes management app

Smart homes management app

Real estate

A several apps for homeowners, electricians and admins for managing different smart homes features such as:

  • different light scenes and scenarios setup
  • security cameras streams analyze using ai models
  • on / off grid scenarios management with own power supplies usage such as batteries or solar stations

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Agile approach. Adaptability and iterative approach.

The agile approach allows us to be flexible and adaptive during the development process, enables teams to quickly respond to changes and deliver high-quality results. It also promotes collaboration, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction.

Product mindset. Bring ownership to your product.

A product mindset helps us prioritize the end-user's needs and goals, leading to better product design, development, and delivery. It also fosters the culture of innovation, ownership, and accountability, resulting in higher customer retention and revenue growth.

Full transparency. During all development.

Full transparency builds trust, accountability, and alignment among our clients, enabling them to make informed decisions and track progress effectively. We’re also always open for feedback, continuous improvement, and a sense of partnership.

Deep tech expertise. Best practices in Github.

It allows us to use the latest and best engineering practices, tools, and frameworks, resulting in higher quality, scalability, and reliability of the software. It also enables faster innovation which leads to constant product actuality.

Smooth communication. Everyone is on the same page.

We believe that reliability between partners builds both from the tech side and communication. Tend to reduce misunderstandings, delays, and errors, we foster a sense of collaboration, transparency, and empathy, resulting in better relationships, higher productivity, and client satisfaction.

Data and IP protection.

High-security standards, GDPR compliance ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information, preventing data breaches, intellectual property theft, and legal liabilities. Stick the compliances to all legal and regulatory requirements, build trust with clients, and enhance your brand reputation.

Our client succeed

Clients Feedback

Product Owner, IoT Company

“Tech Ask OU has delivered the project on time, exceeding the client’s expectations. They have communicated frequently and updated the client, ensuring an effective workflow. Their quality of work and timely delivery are hallmarks of their work. They have been proactive, communicative, and responsive.

The quality of work in tight deadlines they provide is outstanding.”

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