Cashflow management product

Marketplace for property owners to buy property and manage cash flow from renting out the assets

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The project we've worked on is a smart home management solution that includes a marketplace for property owners to buy properties and manage their cash flow by renting them out.

The main features of the platform included cash flow management with internal calculations to help property owners understand their financials better. The home management solution also offers clear forecasting with rent expenses, profit, and value in time, giving property owners a comprehensive view of their assets' performance.

Overall, the main business value of the marketplace is to provide property owners with an easy-to-use tool for managing their properties and finances effectively.

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Client’s location

Tallinn, Estonia


3 months


Frontend, Backend

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"The quality of work in tight deadlines they provide is outstanding."

Product Owner, IoT Company


"Working with Tech Ask OU is such a pleasure."

CEO, Flagship LMS, LLC


"The quality of work in tight deadlines they provide is outstanding."

Product Owner, IoT Company


Involvement and task challenges

Task 1

The main goal of the platform was to provide a streamlined experience for property owners to manage their assets and finances

Task 2

To achieve business value through MVP, we first had to create the architecture of the platform, which involved designing the system's different components and how they would interact with each other.

Task 3

We also had to choose an appropriate technology stack that would support the platform's functionality and scalability.

Task 4

One of the critical features of the platform was the ability to accurately forecast the property's value over time, which required us to implement the correct forecast calculations.

Task 5

Additionally, we built an admin panel that simplifies the expenses and profit management for property owners.

Task 6

On the technical side we covered both frontend and backend + interactions and corrections within the UX/UI design.

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