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Smart home management app for luxury home owners

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The solution consists of several apps designed for homeowners, electricians, and admins to manage various features of smart homes. The end clients are luxury home owners.

One of the main features is the ability to set up different light scenes and scenarios. Users can create customized lighting settings for different rooms, times of day, or events. The app allows for easy control and management of these settings from a single platform.

Another key feature is the integration of security cameras with artificial intelligence models. Users can analyze camera streams in real-time and receive notifications based on specific events or anomalies. The AI models can identify objects, people, and animals, and provide accurate alerts to users if something unusual happens.

In addition, the solution provides a management system for on/off-grid scenarios. Homeowners can use their own power supplies such as batteries or solar stations to manage their energy usage. This feature allows for better energy efficiency and can help reduce overall energy costs.

Overall, this smart home management app provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for managing various aspects of smart homes. It combines the latest technology with practical functionality to improve the homeowner's experience and provide better control and security for their homes.

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We covered the discovery phase in terms of business priorities and led the mobile development application.

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"The quality of work in tight deadlines they provide is outstanding."

Product Owner, IoT Company


Involvement and task challenges

AI model research and implementation.

There were regions of interest which should be swallowed by AI model. For example, we set the parameters to region of interests within several streams from 5 home cameras so the AI model could recognize the dog, car, or any objects that are a threat, so as a result the app will receive all the notifications regarding what’s happening at your house.

difficult data structures

One of the tasks involves working with difficult data structures, starting from a deep understanding of complex data models and the ability to manipulate data to meet the needs of the application.

Proprietary data transfer protocol usage

The use of a proprietary data transfer protocol was to ensure that data was transmitted securely and efficiently between devices in the smart home network. That required expertise in network protocols and the ability to work with proprietary protocols which we gladly covered.

Bluetooth connection between different devices

Quite a critical one in the smart home management solution. As it involved working with Bluetooth technology and implementing reliable and secure connections between different devices.

Local network scanning

The obvious reason for doing that was that users would be able to scan the local network and identify all the devices connected to the network. In other words, users simply could manage the different devices in the smart home network.

big amount of video streams, both RTSP and WebRTC

Finally, the solution involves working with a large number of video streams, both RTSP and WebRTC. Relying on expertise in video streaming technologies, we’re headed to manage and process large amounts of data in real-time.

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