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mobile e-wallet


First of all, it’s all-encompassing BTC - EUR hybrid wallet, for B2C and B2B clients.

The app wallet combines BTC and EUR functionality for both B2C and B2B clients. It includes a BTC wallet, EUR wallet, and an instant exchange feature between the two wallets. Within an open account, the users have an EU bank account with GB jurisdiction with possibility to deposit funds from their personal SEPA accounts. SEPA payouts can be made to third parties as well as your personal bank accounts. With EUR account, you can instantly purchase or sell BTC, while the connected BTC wallet allows you to receive, hold, and send funds.

So, the banking application had killer features for its users. It allowed to:

  • Secure and enjoy user-friendly mobile wallet for Bitcoin transactions.

  • Instantly buy and sell cryptocurrencies with the integrated exchange.

  • Enjoy seamless payment processing.

  • Have access to your account and transactions from anywhere, at any time, having GB jurisdiction.

  • Benefit from easy-to-use interface with intuitive navigation and clear transaction history.

  • Keep your digital assets safe with advanced security measures and multi-factor authentication.

  • Choose from a wide range of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

  • Have reliable and fast transaction processing with low fees for the clients.

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Client’s location

Vilnius, Lithuania


5 months, in 2020


1 mobile and frontend tech lead, 2 mobile developers, 2 backend developers

customers say

Review on Clutch

"The quality of work in tight deadlines they provide is outstanding."

Product Owner, IoT Company


"Working with Tech Ask OU is such a pleasure."

CEO, Flagship LMS, LLC


"The quality of work in tight deadlines they provide is outstanding."

Product Owner, IoT Company


Involvement and task challenges

Setuping team and app architecture.

Even though our focus was on frontend and mobile apps, we were responsible for leading the team as well. Bringing best communication practices is a touch point for every project we’ve taken on.

Sending, receiving, exchanging crypto and euro currencies

It involves integration with an external cryptocurrency exchange and payment processors, implementation of a wallet system for storing and managing currencies, and developing a user interface for initiating and tracking transactions.

Implementation of UX interface through beautiful animated elements

The focus was on creating a visually appealing and intuitive experience for users. Animations and other visual elements did not pile up the user, but only simplified the overall experience.

Display of various transaction lists and implementation of filters

Helped with search and sort through transactions based on different criteria (e.g. date, amount, currency type, etc.). Custom views and data structures were set to manage and display the transaction data.

Integration with the module for recognizing documents

Document recognition module was built to scan and upload documents (such as passports or IDs) just using the user's smartphone camera. We integrated third-party APIs to make the recognition functionality work, as well as designing a UI for guiding users through the scanning process.

Biometric authentication

We stick to facial recognition so the users could simply verify their identity. Using smartphone's native biometric authentication APIs, we focused on clear UI for prompting users without any doubts.

USED Technologies:

Different native modules

Project in mind

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