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Consulting as a Service scope


Software Stack Assessment

Evaluate the performance of your current software and identify flaws and inefficiencies to plan improvements such as software modernization, refactoring, and migration.


Software Architecture Assessment & Redesign

Identify flaws in software architecture that affect performance, security, and scalability. Redesign the architecture with a focus on resilience, agility, and optimized maintenance costs.


Software Selection

Evaluate software vendors and pricing plans that meet specific requirements, providing a software comparison summary pointing to the best-suited candidates.


Software Development Consulting

Work on software solutions to meet business needs and assemble a full project team to deliver the solution described in a functional specification.


Setup of DevOps Processes

Build an effective DevOps pipeline to accelerate the software delivery process.


QA Process Setup

Implement testing automation practices that save time, providing skilled testing engineers within a staff augmentation service model.

Consulting for different industries

Insurance consulting

Real estate consulting

Fintech consulting

CRM consulting

Entertainment consulting

Lending consulting

Key Benefits for you

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Resilient Architecture

Utilize modern architecture technologies and techniques to enhance business continuity, and minimize operational risks.

Analytics & Automation

Unlock the potential of data, artificial intelligence, and automation to drive business value through real-time decision making.

Technology Value

Measure and maximize technology investments by gaining transparency to define value, optimize costs, and enable business transformation.

Technology Transformation

Enhance technology return on investment (ROI), drive efficiency, redirect spending to innovation, and propel growth.

Our Ecosystem

We expand our technology and business capabilities through a powerful ecosystem of market leaders and innovators, from the largest platform companies to startups and niche players.

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What is Technology Consulting?

Technology consultants take a strategic approach to improving an organization by architecting and realizing exceptional value from technology. This helps companies better connect with customers, improve resilience, and drive sustainable growth.

Why is Technology Consulting Important?

Technology is critical to a business's success, and its growth and expansion into almost every industry make it more important than ever for organizations to understand how to leverage technology effectively. Technology consulting helps organizations expand and grow, mitigate risk, and improve important processes.

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Why should you choose us?

Agile approach. Adaptability and iterative approach.

The agile approach allows us to be flexible and adaptive during the development process, enables teams to quickly respond to changes and deliver high-quality results. It also promotes collaboration, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction.

Product mindset. Bring ownership to your product.

A product mindset helps us prioritize the end-user's needs and goals, leading to better product design, development, and delivery. It also fosters the culture of innovation, ownership, and accountability, resulting in higher customer retention and revenue growth.

Full transparency. During all development.

Full transparency builds trust, accountability, and alignment among our clients, enabling them to make informed decisions and track progress effectively. We’re also always open for feedback, continuous improvement, and a sense of partnership.

Deep tech expertise. Best practices in Github.

It allows us to use the latest and best engineering practices, tools, and frameworks, resulting in higher quality, scalability, and reliability of the software. It also enables faster innovation which leads to constant product actuality.

Smooth communication. Everyone is on the same page.

We believe that reliability between partners builds both from the tech side and communication. Tend to reduce misunderstandings, delays, and errors, we foster a sense of collaboration, transparency, and empathy, resulting in better relationships, higher productivity, and client satisfaction.

Data and IP protection.

High-security standards, GDPR compliance ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information, preventing data breaches, intellectual property theft, and legal liabilities. Stick the compliances to all legal and regulatory requirements, build trust with clients, and enhance your brand reputation.

Our client succeed

Clients Feedback

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Christopher Dundy, CEO, Flagship LMS, LLC

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“Working with Tech Ask OU is such a pleasure.

Thanks to Tech Ask OU, the client has received praise and approval from their customers. Their customer service has gone beyond the client’s expectations. The client has been pleased with their transparency, superior communication, and remarkable work.”

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Other services we provide

Full Product development

Our team can take an idea and turn it into a fully functional product. We manage the entire process from the initial planning and design to the development, testing, and launch of the product.

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Ideation and MVP building

Our prototyping approach helps clients quickly create a functional prototype, idea analysis helps refine and validate products from a technical perspective. MVP building speaks for itself.

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Product upgrade

Basically, we help clients to upgrade their existing product to keep up with technological advancements, improve performance, optimize for search engines, and refactor the codebase for improved maintainability.

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Product support

Within long-term relationships with clients, we have ongoing product support. We are responsible for bug fixes, feature updates, and performance improvements.

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Dedicated teams

Staff augmentation is a perfect fit for businesses that need to rapidly scale their development capabilities or looking for specific technical expertise to add to their team.

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Project in mind

You can also write to us directly to our mail with project thoughts, especially, if you want to proceed on a free tech consulting call.

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