Mobile app for the dealership customers

Management and processing new customers for Dealership company



The Mobile Application for the dealership customers has a main business goal - to boost and digitalize the management process for auto dealerships. Quick registration, smooth input of customer information to the system - better conversions and less churn.

The app provides a user-friendly interface for customers to input their personal details, vehicle preferences, and financing options. Customers can also upload their identification documents and other required paperwork directly from their mobile devices, saving time for sure.

In addition, the solution allocates access to exclusive dealership promotions, deals, and discounts.

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3 months, 2022


We worked on a mobile app

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"The quality of work in tight deadlines they provide is outstanding."

Product Owner, IoT Company


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"The quality of work in tight deadlines they provide is outstanding."

Product Owner, IoT Company


Involvement and task challenges

Application development from scratch

We were responsible for creating the functionality and user interface of the application considering the technical requirements from business analysts and design specifications.

Development of basic flows

Developed basic flows such as login, registration, and password recovery. Simply, these features are essential for any application that requires user authentication.

Work with business stakeholders

Since it was an existing business, we needed to consider their business model and online solutions. As the mobile app was our main focus, we properly built it aligning to business needs.

Display and edit credentials

Implemented a feature that allows users to view and edit their credentials, such as their name, address, and contact information.

Navigation stack setup

The initial navigation stack for screen transitions.

Flow for adding a new car

The flow for adding a new car to a user's account using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and filters for the selected location and car brand.

Flow for recording or re-enrolling for service or repair

A flow that allows users to schedule a service or repair appointment with a dealer employee. This flow included creating a custom calendar with time intervals.

CometChat React Native SDK integration

Let users to exchange messages with dealership employees, managing lists of chats.

Code review and technical support

Additionally, provided code review and technical support for junior developers working on the project.

USED Technologies:

Vision Camera for embedding a camera with the subsequent ability to read VIN codes.

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